Golden Eagle
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Orol skalný
Orol skalný

About the eagle

Imagine that you sit on the top of a high mountain and you look from that hight over the horizon. You came here not to look at the toe of your shoes, but to enjoy the view of the "distance". And so you see the valley under you as well as the other mountains standing out of the fog. The world is lying at your feet and in this moment you are the invincible master of the universe...

And at that moment you notice that you are not alone. In the air is a small black dot, which is approaching you (come near?). It is getting bigger till it finally changes into the real king - yes, it is an eagle. Day after day it spreads its wings, it glides in the hight and it watches the land under it - as the real king. It is so, also many of the king families had the eagle in its crest as the symbol of power, courage and freedom.

Accept our offer to meet the Golden Eagle, the real king not only of the slovak air.

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